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There are many companies with trucks and drivers, but if you're looking for more, then you've found it. Bailey's Logistic Services is all about service to both the customer and the client. We do more than "just deliver", but we can:

  • Install

  • Unpack

  • Assemble

  • Handle any and all returns

Because, you see, it's not just about getting something from point A to point B, but it's about quality. Our teams of professionals can make sure your customers get more. More on-time delivery, more information and more quality service to make sure that they never regret their purchase. We know we're the last touch a customer is likely to receive and thus, we represent our clients and all they stand for, and we know we'll do it right. Just like you would.


Not everything goes to a dock, and we know that. Your customers may need to receive a large piece of furniture, or heavy appliances or electronics that need care and precision, but not to worry, all of our delivery vehicles are fully-maintained and come standard equipped with a lift-gate. For pallets or other large or heavy items going to ground level, there's really no alternative better suited.

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When you're the last interaction with a customer in the sales and delivery process, you know it has to go right. We represent our clients on the road and in the homes of their customers so we train our teams to ensure they know how to handle any situation. Not every delivery gets done without hiccups, so rest assured that our teams will expertly handle any inconveniences and keep your customer coming back to you time after time because at Bailey's Logistic Services, quality is how we deliver.

Lift gate
expert quality interface

Do you have a special project, or a long-term delivery need? We will work with you to determine the best way to fulfill that need. We know that most companies don't have the resources or time to handle long-term deliveries, and we get it. Why spend time on something that's not your core focus? When we handle delivery, we know you'll save time, energy and money by letting us handle the details of delivery and getting you back to what matters most: sales.

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long term / project oriented delivery
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