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File a Claim

We know that sometimes, things don't go as planned


While we strive to make every delivery our best, we understand that damage and mistakes are always a possibility and so we boast a highly trained and experienced claims team. They will work with you to determine how best to proceed, to get you the resolution you deserve. In order to file a claim with us, we will ask you for information about your situation. As you provide such information, rest assured that we will respond quickly and with the utmost respect for your personal information.

Image by Jahongir Ismoilov

Claims Submission form:

Thank you for choosing Bailey’s Logistic Services for your delivery. Although we strive for perfection in every delivery, we recognize the need for customers to occasionally submit claim requests. We respectfully ask that you fill out the following form completely so that we can begin reviewing your claim. As you fill out the form, remember that you will need:

  • At least 2 pictures of the damage or damaged area (see the guide below for how to take good pictures)

  • Your MS (shippers) number

  • Verification that repairs have not been made

Remember, we are only able to accept claims for which we are legally responsible. As a delivery agent, we are not responsible for damage covered by your place of purchase or the manufacturer. We will work with you to determine if we can process your claim but please be aware that we may or may not be able to take liability for your specific claim. If we must decline liability, we will seek to provide you with the correct information on how to proceed with your claim if possible.

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