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About Us


To understand our company, it's best to understand where we come from. As a member of the Bailey's Holding Company family, our history starts with Bailey's Moving and Storage. Starting with an idea, the path to who we are today has been exciting. As such, we're very proud of our roots and even though we are not the same company as Bailey's Moving, our shared history has created a deep and lasting impact on us both.

History of Bailey's Moving and Storage

In 1952, using his garage as an office and warehouse, Cliff Bailey and his son Jay Bailey started Bailey’s Moving & Storage in Orem, Utah with their first piece of equipment, Cliff’s pickup truck. They mostly performed local moving with some distribution but by the end of 1950's they had moved their warehouse operation to large warehouse in Orem, Utah and had become affiliated with Allied Van Lines. In 1961, Bailey’s Moving branched out to a warehouse location in Ogden, Utah. In 1963, Bailey’s Moving and Storage expanded to Salt Lake City, with a warehouse location in North Salt Lake, Utah. It was at this time that North Salt Lake was decided to be corporate headquarters. In 1971, an aging Mr. Bailey and his son Jay –having other business interests - sold the business to a group of employees.

Warberg Moving and Storage in Twin Falls was purchased in 1975 from the Warberg family and later sold in 1977 to Bailey’s employee Elmo Muir; this operation was closed to open a startup facility in San Diego in the summer of 1977. San Diego was later sold to Dollar Moving and Storage out of Los Angeles in 1980. This operation was sold to generate money to build the current North Salt Lake warehouses in 1980. Having been successful in Utah, and with a large pool of employee talent, Bailey’s expanded in 1989 to Denver, Colorado and later that summer we purchased All Methods/Merritt Allied in Denver and Colorado Springs, taking the office and warehouse space. In 1990 we opened an office in the place in 1992 with the purchase of Buehler Moving & Storage - a Mayflower agent - in Boulder, Colorado. In 1993 we opened an additional office in Fort Collins, Colorado and by the end of 1993, Bailey’s had eight warehouse operations divided between Colorado, Utah, and Washington D.C. In 1994 we expanded further in Colorado with the acquisition Berkeley Moving & Storage in Denver and Grand Junction, Colorado, giving Bailey’s Moving and Storage then ten locations.

By 1995 there were thirteen employees owning stock in Bailey’s Moving, but change was coming. In 1995 Bailey’s sold their St. George operation to a former partner. Several other changes took place in 1999; Bailey’s consolidated the Fort Collins and Boulder, Colorado offices to the Berkeley location in north Denver, Five of the partners in Bailey’s Moving purchased the stock interest of the other two partners, leaving just five owners and Bailey’s also did a major overhaul in their clerical and administrative positions, creating the posture of doing more with less. In 2001, the number of owners was reduced to four after they purchased the interest of the fifth owner. In the first quarter of 2002 Bailey’s consolidated their Berkeley warehouse to its Englewood, Colorado location. Finally, in 2007, the ownership was further reduced to it’s current standing of three.

Today, Bailey’s Moving & Storage continues to have five Moving and Storage locations: North Salt Lake, Orem, Englewood, Colorado Springs, and Grand Junction. Bailey’s Moving currently employs around 400 people, with around 600 employees at the summer peak. Bailey’s is a top-five Booker and Hauler within the Allied Van Lines System. We are one of the largest moving and storage companies in the Rocky Mountain States.

History of Bailey's Logistic Services

In 2004 Bailey’s Moving and Storage started a new division of the company located in North Salt Lake that specialized in appliance delivery. Due to good leadership and a solid business strategy, the business rapidly grew to be very successful.

Between 2004 and 2006, the North Salt Lake division performed thousands of deliveries with high quality of service scores. As a result of this, the company grew to attain a location in Denver, Colorado; the doors officially opened in April of 2006. In May 2006. We continued to move forward and continued to profit from the business until 2008 when the Denver location acquired additional business that expanded our deliveries from just appliances to furniture as well. As Denver and Salt Lake continued to excel in their method of business, Bailey’s Logistic Services (the new title for the Home Delivery Division of Bailey’s Moving and Storage).

Today, we continue to move towards expansion and growth in our current markets, as well as into new markets. Bailey’s Logistic Services prides itself on providing high quality prompt delivery service through upholding the utmost levels of respect, integrity, innovation and leadership. As a company, Bailey’s Logistic Services has won the “best agent in the region” award twice. As we move forward, we look to a bright and strong future.

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