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Delivering products
from the warehouse
to your customer's front door

Bailey's Logistic Services offers full-service delivery options:

Whether your needs be a simple drop off or a complex installation and assembly, our lift-gate enabled delivery vehicles will get your products to your customer's in the way you intended. Our highly trained crews can assemble and install electronics, medical equipment, furniture, appliances, exercise equipment and more. We currently service Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Delivery Man

Our Services

Loading Boxes in teh Truck

Customers don't always love assembling or installing their purchases. but that's the edge we give our clients: offer installation or assembly to your customers and we'll take care of the rest.

Customers and business don't normally have docks - and we know that. We're prepared to get your product, even the heaviest of items, to your customers no matter the location.

Pile of Boxes

We're committed to helping the environment. We take steps to make sure that any of the waste we take back from customers gets demanufactured properly to dispose of any harmful byproducts.

Dedicated Routes

Do your customers have a specific delivery needs? We stand ready to dedicate routes to make sure your customers get what they need. Wherever they are, we'll get it done.

Truck and Warehouse

Logistic Services You Can Trust


Our business focuses on the ability to provide clients and customers with respect and integrity. In today's world, we know that's rare - but we're used to being a cut above. When you have questions, we'll answer them honestly. If you have a concern, we'll work with you to resolve it because honestly, it's the only way to do business.


From the delivery personnel to our top executives, we preach and practice leadership and employee development. We know that by developing employees into strong leaders, our business and our customers continue to receive the service they expect. Problems arise and challenges are faced, but when true leaders can face them, they will be overcome


Processes and Technology are core competencies for us, because we value cutting edge.With highly sophisticated technologies custom-designed for our customers and their needs, we're positive that we can do more for less, and do it better. Our fully custom analytics, routing, inventory and tracking applications allow us to help customers and clients rest easy because information is power. easy.

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